The story of where it

All began


James “Bradford” Dawe & Mike “Hale” Lindstrom

Jim and Mike had been distilling in Colorado for several years refining their rum, brandy, and whiskey recipes before family and friends persuaded them to be a little less selfish and make their products available to more than just themselves.

Using local produce like peaches, apples, grains and molasses, demand for Hale and Bradford soon overtook Mike and Jim’s capacity to produce their small batch crafted liquors, even with the addition of Matt Dean in 2014. Teaming with a local distillery in 2015 enabled Jim and Mike to continue doing what they loved on a bigger scale.

In 2017 Mike and Jim finally got their act together and began plans to build their own distillery in Berthoud Colorado with the purchase of the historic “Oddfellows” Building. Hale & Bradford is now able to bring the production of their craft small batch spirits in house, back to the roots of where it all began, just a couple of chumps doing what they love. Cheers to that!